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Divorce Financial Strategists™ provides financial consultation regarding divorce and separation to attorneys, individuals, mediators, alternative dispute resolution professionals and other family law service providers as a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™).

A CDFA™ is a trained and certified financial neutral expert with a unique blend of expertise in family law and the allocation of assets affecting child and spousal support, retirement benefits, investments, stock options, social security, real estate and many other areas of asset distribution.

The goal of Divorce Financial Strategists™ is to become the client’s financial advocate and to foster an atmosphere of collaboration and mental focus to develop and maintain a healthy post divorce lifestyle. To this end, Divorce Financial Strategists™ also provides pre-divorce consultation for individuals and couples seeking an understanding of the divorce process and a professional review of their assets and options.

The process of working with Divorce Financial Strategists™ begins with a very important task-analyzing the client’s current financial status. A number of financial documents are considered at this stage including but not limited to pay stubs, tax returns, bank and investment statements, business records, credit card statements, credit reports, etc. A thorough review of these documents in addition to other information provided by the client produces a solid understanding of present circumstances which is essential to future planning.

The next phase of work focuses on identifying the client’s priorities for asset distribution with consideration given to timing of dividing, selling or encumbering items in the financial portfolio.

Divorce Financial Strategists™ continues to work with the client by collaborating on the creation of financial modeling using graphs and charts which illustrate possible marital settlement options. This process allows the client to discover the reality of being able to achieve their post divorce life goals.

Finally, Divorce Financial Strategists™ guides the client in identifying and finalizing specific post divorce tasks relevant to their situation. This could include many items such as contacting estate planning counsel, insurance agents, financial planners, etc.

The ultimate objective for Divorce Financial Strategists™ is to assist clients in establishing financial strategies for successful living.

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