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1. What makes a CDFA™ different from other financial professionals?

A CDFA™ is trained to provide expert financial services that are specifically targeted to the area of divorce and separation. Financial asset review and analysis, settlement projections, tax implications for support, real property offsets or buyout and post-divorce tasks are handled with the specific goal of facilitating the divorce and separation process.

Other financial professionals provide different levels of support that do not always intersect with the divorce and separation process for example, a certified public accountant (CPA) will provide a variety of tax and other financial input for present income scenarios; a certified financial planner (CFP) will review assets to develop a plan to achieve investment goals and performance and a forensic accountant or a certified fraud examiner will implement tracing techniques for suspicious transactions involving personal or business assets.

In the context of divorce and separation, a CDFA™ can provide support for independent financial analysis to couples and individuals in a collaborative, litigated or mediation process.

2. We have decided to use mediation services to resolve our divorce issues. How would the services of a CDFA™ relate to the mediation process?

Mediation fosters a non litigated forum for conflict resolution. For most couples, the difficult part is reaching agreement in the financial part of the discussion. A CDFA™ is a financial neutral expert who can guide the parties through an objective and realistic review of their financial priorities resulting in a settlement agreement that will benefit both parties.

3. I am getting married soon and I am planning to have a pre-nuptial agreement prepared. Do I need a CDFA™ to become involved in this process?

Yes, in general, the services of a CDFA™ are essential in all family law situations where the parties need to apportion financial assets, support obligations, retirement proceeds, real property division or stock/investment/bonus payouts etc. Divorce Financial Strategists™ also provides pre-divorce consultation for individuals and couples seeking an understanding of the divorce process and a professional review of their assets and options.

4. My husband/wife has recently served me with a divorce petition. I am not emotionally or financially prepared for this. What is the cost for CDFA™ services?

Divorce Financial Strategists™ is sensitive to budget concerns for the total cost of handling a divorce or separation. A CDFA™ is an essential professional for ensuring that the financial implications of divorce or separation lead to an outcome that is reasonable and satisfactory. To that end, for clients who just require financial consulting during the divorce process and/or pre-divorce consultation, Divorce Financial Strategists™ charges a flat hourly fee for these services. For those clients requiring complete financial analysis and review, marital settlement projections and post divorce planning, a retainer agreement is required for these services. Please contact Divorce Financial Strategists™ for current pricing information.

Charting Success

When you engage Divorce Financial Strategists™ you will benefit from a strategic partnership characterized by:

  • Collaboration
  • Dedication
  • Financial focus
  • Advocacy for what is important to you

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Karen D. Sparks was elected
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